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Spencer J. Corbett

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Spencer J. Corbett firmly believes that everyone — regardless of socio-economic status — should have the dignity of living in a pest-free environment. For more than 35 years, he has worked tirelessly toward this goal with Corbett Exterminating — developing pest control strategies and practices specifically tailored to serving the needs of the multi-family housing market.

A self-starter, Spencer began working in the pest control industry as a youth in Newark, N.J., and soon built a reputation as a stellar technician with a natural flair for business. Seeing a clear need in the industry and motivated to better the lives of the people in his community, Spencer launched Corbett Exterminating in 1976 — he was only 17.

From the beginning, Spencer knew the importance of using only the most environmentally responsible Integrated Pest Management (IPM) systems. His extensive knowledge of the industry has allowed him to offer unique IPM systems that continually control every possible infestation scenario through aggressive, preventive maintenance programs.

This process, in conjunction with good communication between Corbett Exterminating and management companies, guarantees satisfaction and results. He has maintained long-standing relationships by actively educating his clients and their tenants, assuring preparation and cooperation — both necessary for effective and targeted pest management.

Spencer is a nationally recognized speaker at industry meetings and regularly participates in national seminars focusing on insects, their behavior, biology and control. He also consults with other pest control companies on a variety of pest issues in both commercial and residential settings.

Spencer is a member of numerous organizations, including the National Pest Management Association, the N.J. Pest Management Association, several chambers of commerce and Real Estate associations. He looks forward to building on his relationships and expertise to expand his already successful business