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Are Unwanted Pests Distracting Your Students?

Educational institutions like yours should be places where students learn comfortably and away from distractions. Did you know there are often multiple entry points that leave your building vulnerable to pests? Here at Corbett Exterminating, we can make sure your educational institution is pest-free for the long-term. We offer our integrated Pest Management approach to control pests without unnecessary chemicals. We provide services for businesses, from daycares to universities to local schools!

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Pest Control for Education Institutions

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Education is important, and so is keeping educational institutions pest-free! Our pest treatments are designed to handle all of your pest control needs so you can focus on what matters most - your students and their development. Our commercial pest control services are perfect for education institutions, including:

  • Daycares
  • Preschools
  • Elementary, middle, and high schools
  • Colleges and universities

We're also School Integrated Pest Management certified, so you can trust that we're the most qualified pest control experts to protect your facility and your students.

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Protect Students From Dangerous Pests And Wildlife

Although most common pests are harmless, some pests carry harmful diseases. Some pests such as cockroaches, rodents, birds, and squirrels can even trigger allergies and asthma attacks, especially in children. Our comprehensive pest control protects your students and staff so they can learn in a safe and comfortable environment. Our pest control services include:

  • Licensed pest control professionals who tailor pest control treatments to your needs
  • A thorough initial inspection and evaluation of your facility, identifying exit and entry points and problem areas.
  • Highly effective pest control treatments that remove pests quickly and keep them out for good.
  • Recurring pest control services and inspections to ensure pests remain a problem of the past!

Protect Your Building from Costly Termite Damage

Termites aren’t just a risk for homeowners -- they are for education buildings as well. Termite damage can cost property managers hundreds or even thousands of dollars on repairs. Here at Corbett Exterminating, we want to help you protect your building from potential costly damage. Our termite control solutions for education institutions protect your school from termites year-round to ensure that your students have a safe place to learn for years to come.

Exceptional Customer Service You Can Trust

Here at Corbett Exterminating, we are proud to offer the best pest control services for education institutions, as well as the best customer service in the industry. From our friendly office staff to our highly trained pest control professionals, we are here to help protect your institution every step of the way.

Keep your students and staff safe from pests with our help.

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